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Some of us use looks

Some of us use wealth

Some of us use status

Some of us use words

Some of us use art

Some of us use force

The female heart

Is a sealed porcelain box

Easier to break than to unlock

What you find inside

Depends on how you got it open

To look forward on the edge of death would be to invite the imbalance that would send you over the precipice; instead look back to solid ground and find comfort in the familiar. Let your fear ground you by refusing to dwell on it—advance only when calm has built a bridge where you otherwise might have plummeted.

Writers… welcome to Write Club (aphorism writing challenge)


First rule of Write Club is that you do not write about Write Club. 

For those of us not watching the Super Bowl and for those packing and smoking out of a super bowl, join the Write Club challenge.

Today’s (sunday feb. 5th) Write Club challenge is an aphorism contest.

The topic is the ever faithful green-eyed monster - unwarranted jealousy (projected jealousy) - that we sometimes inflict our partners with. 

My favorite 140ish character aphorism wins.

I’ll first select my favorite top 10 and post the results. Then I’ll have the tumblr community poll the top 10 to get to the top 3. Which I will then choose from.

Winner gets their submission posted to a large fellowing with a paid Highlight and my eternal friendship. 

Click Here To Submit (or at the link at the top of my page.) 

And don’t forget to fellow your fellow writers.

Things I will be looking for is creativity of analogy or metaphor. Vividness of writing. Insight and intensity into the theme. And no piece of writing is any good without palpable honesty.